Car & Truck Installation, Repair, Tinting Services in Farmington, NM

employeeFoutz & Hanon completes the necessary services for all the products we sell and goes above and beyond to the satisfaction of each customer.


Our mechanics and auto body experts install truck caps, fog and headlights, grills, roof racks, and covers. We ensure we have the right fit and color for your vehicle and get the work done in a timely manner. We can install one part at a time or multiple parts in one service appointment. We will get your truck or car back to you as soon as possible.

Window Tinting

Foutz & Hanon does window tinting for automobiles and trucks. Window tint in a sheet of strong polyester laminate treated in various ways to improve the look and performance of windows. One side is adhesive and the other side is scratch resistant. There are also solar control tints available. We will provide tinting that gives you privacy, makes your windows look sleek, but still allows you to see well when you are driving.

Custom Orders

Our mechanics also process custom orders for special requests or products we don’t have in stock. This will ensure you get the exact products and specifications you are looking for. We will go over your specific requests and get the products ordered to be installed as soon as possible.


If your flatbed, topper, cover, cap, or roof rack gets scratched or dented, we can repair it so it looks as good as new. We also tighten loose components and remove any rust so the product lasts as long as possible.


If your truck or car product from us needs a good cleaning, bring it in and our team will clean it for you. This includes detailing and getting into every small space to remove dust, dirt, and debris.